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Capìtulo 19- It's crazy what can happen when giving it your all

Well, I can't say i wasn't warned about how empty this city gets during Semana Santa, but i wasn't prepared for what happened. We go out to work, and it just seemed like a ghost town. Every single human being in the capital of Honduras was just gone. It wasn't too bad though, because we had changes wednesday, the middle of the week. My new companion came to the area, Elder Rohrbacher from Idaho. Yeah...and the members thought my name was hard to pronounce haha.

 We were able to fill up part of our days just walking around the area and showing him where everything is. Our area is huge though, so it'll take some time for him to learn it all. Of course, I only spent part of the day showing him the area. The other part was spent knocking on doors that had nobody in them. Even the memebers down here celebrate this very catholic holiday, so they weren't here either. At one point of the day, we were just done. The sun was blazing hot, nobody was answering, and the rare occasion that a person did answer, they were angry that we interupted their week of rest. I told my companion that I wanted to finish contacting the entire street. Just before giving up, reaching the last door of the street, someone answered and actually let us in. They seemed super interested throughout the entire lesson. Then after the lesson, without even bringing it up before, they asked "How can we be baptized in your church?" It was crazy, then one of them started talking in perfect english asking when we could come over again and where our church building was. It's crazy what can happen when giving it your all.

  That's all for this week. More stories next time.

New custom made suit
Some strange fruit we ate

Elder Anderson just about to go to the south

Capítulo 18 -Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Well, as I had just finished writing last week, I was walking out of the internet cafe thing place that we use to write home, and these people just look at us and start running over. They begged Elder Anderson (another white missionary) and I to do an interveiw with them for their class.  They told us that it was a project of theirs to interveiw some white people about Honduras. So we got permission and on Tuesday we went to the interveiw. It was the strangest thing ever, we arrive and just get swarmed by a bunch of people. We were asked questions about how Honduras has been treating us, and what was different. It was actually really fun and i felt pretty famous haha.

  This week is the start of Semana Santa (Holy Week) so every single human being is leaving their houses and going on vacation. It may just be a Catholic holiday, but every single person down here celebrates it. It makes missionary work just a little tough when there's nobody to teach, so we've had lot's of memebrs asking us to come and share a message with them, then they always want the white missionary to learn how to make Honduras food. Not complaining though, because I get to eat the food after too haha. so my companion and I have not gone hungry this week.

  That's all for this week, many more to come.
-Elder Case

Learning how to make
Honduran food

My new Crocs for my bucket showers

Capìtulo 17- Another great week down in Honduras

About a month ago, the missionaries told me that conference week is one of the fastest weeks out here, and they were very right about that one. I was also told that i will 100% not be watching the conference in spanish, and they were right about that one too. We walk in to the church building and find out that Richard, this super awesome guy that is from the good ol' U.S. of A and also in our stake presidency down here, hooked us up. He tells us that he set everything up for us in the high counsel room and that we would find everything to be perfet in there. Well he was right about that too. we walk in to the room to see gigantic chairs for us, the AC down to 17 degrees Celcius, a huge projector, with huge speakers. All just for the three of us greengos in this area. That was just amazing. Then i was just sitting there, conference just started, and all of the sudden they anounce who will say the closing prayer. i looked at what time it was, and somehow 2 hours had passed, in what seemed like, 15 minutes.

  I know that every single missionary and friend is probably sugesting talks to listen too from general conference, so i definitely won't suggest that you listen to the talk given by Elder Gary B Sabin about standing up inside and giving it your all.

  This week we were contacting a lot. I told my companion that we should contact people in an area called El Dorado, where all of the wealthier people in our area live. My comapnion told me it would be a waste because they were all pretty hard hearted, but we went anyways. We contacted three doors and ran out of time because each door we knocked on, let us in, and let us teach one of the lessons. Afterwards, my companion aplogizes and tell me El Dorado will be gold. Also, while we were contacting the other day, we ran into an athiest who doesn't believe in God or anything. That took me by surprise, especially being in Honduras, where every single person is either Catholic or Evangelico. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out there, we have an appointment with her later today.

Another great week down in Honduras.