Ready to go!

Capítulo 33 - This week, we started our english classes!

So this week started of with divisions with the zone leaders.  And when I was with Elder Horning, I finally got the picture with a little baby pig!! This time I was a little more careful about the mom, and made sure that she was tied to a tree before taking a picture with the baby pig. The pig mom wasnt happy, but I got my picture and got out of there before that pig mom ripped the tree out of the ground haha. Then we went off, and were able to take pictures with some shrimp. however, my zone leader has the pictures, so I have to wait until he sends them to me before I can send them to you guys.

  This week, we started our english classes! It's honestly really hard to teach english, but it's really fun. The first class we had started on wednesday at 6 o'clock. At 6, there were only 3 people. my companion was ready to just start the class right there, and so he brought three chairs for the people that were there. I went out and brought another 17 chairs, just to make it an even 20. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. That was until 3 minutes later, 15 more people walked in the class. It was amazing! And we were able to start with a full class.

  After our district meeting one day, we were all sitting down at some taco stand (the only civilization here) we were enjoying the cool weather when we noticed that it was actually 95 degrees! We all ust started laughing, because we were literally cold. We didn't believe it though, until we saw two more places that said the same thing haha.

  This week, I had one of the weirdest nights ever. At midnight, we got woken up by a random call, that just hung up right away, then at about 2 in the morning, my companion asked me for a blessing because he felt really sick, and then about 2 hours later, the sister elders in our district call us asking for a blessing too. One of them got really sick too, so we asked permission from the zone leaders at 4 in the morning to leave and give the blessing. Lets just say, Honduras at 4 in the morning is a different experience. Every animal was trying to kill us it felt like. We just started picking up rocks and throwing them at the animals trying to eat us, and it worked really well. we walked over to their house, gave the blessing, and walked back. we got back at about 5 in the morning. Things are going great though, have a great week!

Capítulo 32 -Holding a baby pig sounds like a great idea, but believe me, it's not...

This week has been crazy! Not like crazy busy with meetings, but just like a lot has been going down out here. After giving our talks about the missionary work, a lot of the members want to start helping us now. They've been giving us a lot of references. After contacting one of the references, I really wanted to take a picture holding one of their baby pigs. So I chase this baby pig down, I pick it up, and nobody had a camera, so I couldnt take the picture. Holding a baby pig sounds like a great idea, but believe me, it's not... After picking that thing up, the pig mom was pissed! and you would think "it's a pig, what can it do?" you think twice when that 300-400 pound pig mom is chasing you around all of Honduras for messing with her little baby haha.

  After being chased around for about 30 minutes, someone came in with a whip looking thing to save my life. Then we went to a calm lunch with a member... or so we thought. we sit down in the burning hot house, and she brings out a steaming hot soup. she tells us " this is a bean soup, you can put like whatever you want in it." we look at the soup to find a little stomach, liver, and an eyeball...I thought she was joking, but she walked away...The soup smelled like my physiology class while dissecting. it was gross. I got the stomach and liver down, but there was no way I was eating that eye ball. Luckily, a friendly pig was walking around and he was happy to eat the eye for me after I threw it out the window haha.

  Not much else crazy has happened with food this week, just taking hot sauce shots with my companion(Dont try that at home), but a lot has been changing with the missionary work out here. At least we're trying to change methods of the work. The branch has called a family as a "missionary family" and from now on, there calling is to help us. Whether it be by letting us use their house to have FHE with our investigators, or helping us with visiting and contacting. Also, this week, my companion and I are starting english classes. So many people are interested in that, and I'm pretty sure that more people are going to show up to my english class then sacrament meeting haha.

   Things are going great here, have a great week everyone!

Capítulo 31- When we put all of our focus on God, everything else just falls in place

Well This week was... well an interesting week to say the least. This week we met our new mission president. We had a zone conference with him, and all of the missionaries that are in the south
   Because of that, we had more Elders stay in our house the night before. Elder Johnson and Elder Prot showed up to our area around 6 o'clock, and somehow, we talked a member into giving us all baleadas. As we're walking to this house, people started staring at us, because we are two greengos, a Mexican, and well Elder Prot looks like he could be from Africa. They just look at us like "What the heck are they doing in Honduras" 

   So to make things more interesting, Elder Prot and I start pretending to talk Chinese between ourselves, and you should have seen the look on the people's face when that started. But then, out of nowhere, Elder Johnson turns around to say something to us while we were speaking our made up chinese, and fell.... right into a sewer hole. We just about died of laughter as he comes jumping out, just soaked from his bellybutton down in this sewer water. All of our admirers got a good laugh out of that one too.

  Alright, now about the new president. This guy is SOOO awesome!! He's the funniest guy ever. Like, he's just like, that super energetic guy. I can't explain it. Like... Here's an example. We started the conference with a hymn, and about the second verse, this guy is running around the room yelling at us to sing louder, runs up to the pianist to play louder, and was just running around the whole song. It was a pretty funny sight. Then later, when we went to eat lunch (the typical pizza with water) He made us all peanutbutetr fingers!!! I literally almost cried it was so good haha.

  The the next day was super busy because we had a baptism, and like everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong, but in the end, everything worked out. Then we had to prepare talks for the next day (Sunday). Just remember, when we put all of our focus on God, everything else just falls in place. Have a great week!

Capítulo 30 - A piñata helped us find 8 new investigators in one day

This week was really crazy. We almost didn't have time to do much visiting with our investigators. On Tuesday, we got half the day to visit our investigators, then we had to go get the Elders from a different area, because they were going to be staying the night in our house because at 1:30 in the morning we woke up to get ready to go to the temple. The Temple here is AMAZING. In pictures it doesn't look super amazing, but the moment I saw it in person, my jaw dropped. it made the waking up at 1:30 and taking the 5 hour bus ride so very worth it.

  After the temple, our whole zone got back on the bus, and had the craziest 5 hour bus ride on the way back. We had the 16 of us singing church songs at the top of our lungs like the whole bus ride. We got caught in some traffic on the way, and I took my companion off the little private bus, and I walked on to a huge yellow school bus full of people, and started preaching to all of them. It was great! especially because all 70 of them had nowhere to go, and had to listen to my every word haha. It actually turned out into a really good lesson about prayer, and the blessings we can recieve through praying. Then suddenly the traffic started moving, and we literally were chasing our little bus for a good while before they realized we weren't there.

  We got back to our area in the middle of the night, and had District meeting the next morning. After district meeting, we finally got the chance to go visit more of our investigators. when it was getting dark, this family starts yelling at us to come to their house. so we went to go see what was going on. It turned out that they just wanted the white guy to hit their piñata haha. After destroying that piñata in one hit, we had a great lesson about the restoration. So yes, a piñata helped us find 8 new investigators in one day haha.

Capítulo 29 - Roads turn into rivers

This week has been a crazy week. Right after writing last week, we went to go buy a few things for the week in the store. I FOUND CHERRY COKE AND DR.PEPPER. Those don't exist down here, so going to an american import store definitely paid off.

  The following day, we had Zone Conference. So since we are all in the middle of nowhere down here, we have to travel hours to get to our zone conferences, and a lot of elders have to come to our house the night before, because our house is the closest to the bus stop. Anyways, after getting these elders, we started walking to our house in the rain. My entire area is dirt, and the roads turn into rivers, so we were walking around these rivers and sometimes had to jump over them. I go to jump over a river on, what looked to be, dry land. But, the moment I landed, I had landed in quick sand, or something like that and sunk down to my waist instantly, and was still sinking down. I scrambled to get out, and was just covered in mud. We all had a good laugh about that.

  During the week, my new companion ( Elder Martinez from Mexico, 22 years old and a graduated Chemical Engineer) got a package from his family. I was all thinking "super cool, i'll get to see some mexican candies" He opens the package and shouts for joy as he pulls out a million peppers. I just had to laugh at the unexpected difference.

  That's all for ths week, more to come next week.