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Capítulo 30 - A piñata helped us find 8 new investigators in one day

This week was really crazy. We almost didn't have time to do much visiting with our investigators. On Tuesday, we got half the day to visit our investigators, then we had to go get the Elders from a different area, because they were going to be staying the night in our house because at 1:30 in the morning we woke up to get ready to go to the temple. The Temple here is AMAZING. In pictures it doesn't look super amazing, but the moment I saw it in person, my jaw dropped. it made the waking up at 1:30 and taking the 5 hour bus ride so very worth it.

  After the temple, our whole zone got back on the bus, and had the craziest 5 hour bus ride on the way back. We had the 16 of us singing church songs at the top of our lungs like the whole bus ride. We got caught in some traffic on the way, and I took my companion off the little private bus, and I walked on to a huge yellow school bus full of people, and started preaching to all of them. It was great! especially because all 70 of them had nowhere to go, and had to listen to my every word haha. It actually turned out into a really good lesson about prayer, and the blessings we can recieve through praying. Then suddenly the traffic started moving, and we literally were chasing our little bus for a good while before they realized we weren't there.

  We got back to our area in the middle of the night, and had District meeting the next morning. After district meeting, we finally got the chance to go visit more of our investigators. when it was getting dark, this family starts yelling at us to come to their house. so we went to go see what was going on. It turned out that they just wanted the white guy to hit their piñata haha. After destroying that piñata in one hit, we had a great lesson about the restoration. So yes, a piñata helped us find 8 new investigators in one day haha.