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Capítulo 32 -Holding a baby pig sounds like a great idea, but believe me, it's not...

This week has been crazy! Not like crazy busy with meetings, but just like a lot has been going down out here. After giving our talks about the missionary work, a lot of the members want to start helping us now. They've been giving us a lot of references. After contacting one of the references, I really wanted to take a picture holding one of their baby pigs. So I chase this baby pig down, I pick it up, and nobody had a camera, so I couldnt take the picture. Holding a baby pig sounds like a great idea, but believe me, it's not... After picking that thing up, the pig mom was pissed! and you would think "it's a pig, what can it do?" you think twice when that 300-400 pound pig mom is chasing you around all of Honduras for messing with her little baby haha.

  After being chased around for about 30 minutes, someone came in with a whip looking thing to save my life. Then we went to a calm lunch with a member... or so we thought. we sit down in the burning hot house, and she brings out a steaming hot soup. she tells us " this is a bean soup, you can put like whatever you want in it." we look at the soup to find a little stomach, liver, and an eyeball...I thought she was joking, but she walked away...The soup smelled like my physiology class while dissecting. it was gross. I got the stomach and liver down, but there was no way I was eating that eye ball. Luckily, a friendly pig was walking around and he was happy to eat the eye for me after I threw it out the window haha.

  Not much else crazy has happened with food this week, just taking hot sauce shots with my companion(Dont try that at home), but a lot has been changing with the missionary work out here. At least we're trying to change methods of the work. The branch has called a family as a "missionary family" and from now on, there calling is to help us. Whether it be by letting us use their house to have FHE with our investigators, or helping us with visiting and contacting. Also, this week, my companion and I are starting english classes. So many people are interested in that, and I'm pretty sure that more people are going to show up to my english class then sacrament meeting haha.

   Things are going great here, have a great week everyone!