Ready to go!

Capítulo 33 - This week, we started our english classes!

So this week started of with divisions with the zone leaders.  And when I was with Elder Horning, I finally got the picture with a little baby pig!! This time I was a little more careful about the mom, and made sure that she was tied to a tree before taking a picture with the baby pig. The pig mom wasnt happy, but I got my picture and got out of there before that pig mom ripped the tree out of the ground haha. Then we went off, and were able to take pictures with some shrimp. however, my zone leader has the pictures, so I have to wait until he sends them to me before I can send them to you guys.

  This week, we started our english classes! It's honestly really hard to teach english, but it's really fun. The first class we had started on wednesday at 6 o'clock. At 6, there were only 3 people. my companion was ready to just start the class right there, and so he brought three chairs for the people that were there. I went out and brought another 17 chairs, just to make it an even 20. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. That was until 3 minutes later, 15 more people walked in the class. It was amazing! And we were able to start with a full class.

  After our district meeting one day, we were all sitting down at some taco stand (the only civilization here) we were enjoying the cool weather when we noticed that it was actually 95 degrees! We all ust started laughing, because we were literally cold. We didn't believe it though, until we saw two more places that said the same thing haha.

  This week, I had one of the weirdest nights ever. At midnight, we got woken up by a random call, that just hung up right away, then at about 2 in the morning, my companion asked me for a blessing because he felt really sick, and then about 2 hours later, the sister elders in our district call us asking for a blessing too. One of them got really sick too, so we asked permission from the zone leaders at 4 in the morning to leave and give the blessing. Lets just say, Honduras at 4 in the morning is a different experience. Every animal was trying to kill us it felt like. We just started picking up rocks and throwing them at the animals trying to eat us, and it worked really well. we walked over to their house, gave the blessing, and walked back. we got back at about 5 in the morning. Things are going great though, have a great week!