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Capítulo 31- When we put all of our focus on God, everything else just falls in place

Well This week was... well an interesting week to say the least. This week we met our new mission president. We had a zone conference with him, and all of the missionaries that are in the south
   Because of that, we had more Elders stay in our house the night before. Elder Johnson and Elder Prot showed up to our area around 6 o'clock, and somehow, we talked a member into giving us all baleadas. As we're walking to this house, people started staring at us, because we are two greengos, a Mexican, and well Elder Prot looks like he could be from Africa. They just look at us like "What the heck are they doing in Honduras" 

   So to make things more interesting, Elder Prot and I start pretending to talk Chinese between ourselves, and you should have seen the look on the people's face when that started. But then, out of nowhere, Elder Johnson turns around to say something to us while we were speaking our made up chinese, and fell.... right into a sewer hole. We just about died of laughter as he comes jumping out, just soaked from his bellybutton down in this sewer water. All of our admirers got a good laugh out of that one too.

  Alright, now about the new president. This guy is SOOO awesome!! He's the funniest guy ever. Like, he's just like, that super energetic guy. I can't explain it. Like... Here's an example. We started the conference with a hymn, and about the second verse, this guy is running around the room yelling at us to sing louder, runs up to the pianist to play louder, and was just running around the whole song. It was a pretty funny sight. Then later, when we went to eat lunch (the typical pizza with water) He made us all peanutbutetr fingers!!! I literally almost cried it was so good haha.

  The the next day was super busy because we had a baptism, and like everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong, but in the end, everything worked out. Then we had to prepare talks for the next day (Sunday). Just remember, when we put all of our focus on God, everything else just falls in place. Have a great week!