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Capítulo 24 -"rapiditos buses"

Well, it's official, Elder Case will be transferred to the Zone of San Lorenzo, the hottest place in Honduras supposedly, this WednesdaySunday night, right before changes, everyone anxiously awaits to hear the new changes in the zones. It just so turns out that I was the only one in the zone to have changes. I don't know why, but I'm excited. I hear lots of good things about the southern part of our mission, and now I'll get to experience it myself.

  These past 6 weeks with Elder Rohrbacher as my companion have really flown by. It seems like just yesterday when we got on the bus to go the mission headquarters, and the bus driver was a maniac and made Elder Rohrbacher, and everyone else on the buss fall over from his crazy driving. They have buses out here called "rapiditos buses" and well, it's defined right there "little fast bus". And so, when we walked on the bus ( we were standing with 15 other people, because there was no room to sit down) the bus driver hit the gas like a maniac, right as i grabbed on to a bar. Then I looked back and watched every single person standing fall over to the back of the bus, and Elder Rohrbacher hitting everyone, in the face, with his bible that he had in his hand as he was going down. It was honestly super funny. You had to of seen everyone's faces when it happened.

  On saturday, we had an activity that we've been planning for the last 4 weeks. The activity was an open house at the church. The idea was great, and the planning was excessive. Then it all fell to nothing when the activity actually started because almost none of the members showed up to help. We were left alone, and it seemed like a huge failure on our part. But church comes around, and we have 5 new investigators come to church that have never been there, so I guess it wasn't the biggest of failures.

  Every week is full of new experiences out here.

Saying goodbye 
Taking a selfie with the ward mission leaders sweet little  daughter, before being transferred ) 

Older photos we received from the ward mission leaders wonderful wife

Playing beauty shop ..haha
being a good sport 

Capítulo 23 - A car hit me, it wasn't really that bad :)

Well, another week down in Honduras. This week actualy flew by incredibly fast, and the scheduling this week was crazy. We were planning to have divisions with our zone leaders on wednesday, but that got cancelled because the President called onTuesday night and told us we would be having interveiws the next day, Wednesday. But then he canceled again and said Thursday. Nobody knew about it, so it threw a wrench in the plans of the week, but we adjusted. It was worth it though, Interviews were great.

  Then another plan that killed us was the baptism this week. It felt like everything got thrown together at the last second because, even though we've been planning it for over a week, people kept wanting to change things, so it was just a mess. Even walking to the church buiding to clean up before the baptism, not everything was planned out. Then all of the sudden, while we were walking in the street, a car hit me. I mean, it wasn't really that bad. It was just the side view mirror hit my arm. They were driving pretty fast and didn't stop. I was at least glad to see that I had broken the mirror haha. Then we kept walking like nothing happened.

  Then also this week, we got to skype with our families. So we asked a few members if we could use their laptops, and we headed over to the church building to skype on mother's day. Of course, the church wifi is still the same in Honduras, and we were able to talk with them in the church building. Then the lights went out as we were talking. We assumed that the internet would go out too because there wasn't electricity, but it stayed on... for 5 minutes. Then not having said goodbye, we went in search of electricity. A member drove us to the center of the city, just to find out that where we went didin't have wifi. Then we get a call saying the lights were back on in the church building, so we went back and finished up our skype. It was a pretty good week.

I promise she's happy. Most people just don't smile for pictures down here.
Skype screen shot my mom took on Mothers day

Captitulo 22 - Duckzilla Jr.

Something strange that I've started noticing is that the people out here, even the members, view the missionaries at a higher level than anyone else in the church down here. They call us before they call the bishop in the ward when they want something done with the priesthood. So just this week, Elder Rohrbacher and I have given about 6 blessings, and in spanish. It's not an easy task because we have to think and feel the prompting of the holy ghost, but then we have to translate those promptings into spanish. But everyone that we've blessed, almost immediately, felt better, and were very greatful for us. It's really cool to see the power of the priesthood in action. 

  Alright, so the other day we went to the house with the army of ducks again. And i kid you not when I say that as we were teaching outside, the army of ducks comes running out of the house with a smaller version of duckzilla at the front leading them to battle!  Then we look over to the other side of the house, and a full grown rooster comes running down this hill with an army of baby chickens running behind him. There must have been 30 little chickens at least. Elder Rohrbacher and I just lost the ability to teach because we were laughing so hard. We thought these two armies were about to fight, then right when they got close to each other, they all just started pecking the ground looking for food. It was honestly so much funnier in person haha. This time I got a picture of this smaller duckzilla before it ran at me. Then I took some pictures of the rich people houses too.

  This week, the weather has been pretty crazy, kind of like california, rainy and cloudy one day, and bright and hot the next. But one cool thing that's happened is a lightning storm off in the distance that literally lights up the entire sky at night where we are. Well that's all for this week.

Duckzilla Jr.

Capìtulo 21 - Trash war, gigantic machete, army of little ducks; it was a very eventful week!

Well because the week before was 8 days, this one was a short 6 days. Regardless of the short amount of time, it was a very eventful week. My comapnion has just about learned the area, the investigators, the members, and the work it going well.

  On our way to the church, we walk up a little hill. On the top of the hill, there was a dumpster. Taking a closer look at the dumpster, my companion and I noticed that there was a man inside who was throwing all of the trash he could into the street. He had actually thrown quite a bit of trash in the street, to the point that he had successfully stopped traffic on this main road down here. So my companion and I, seeing the problem, start throwing the trash from the street back at this very drunk man in the dumpster. We had successfully got traffic moving again on this road, but that just ticked the guy off. I mean, he was aready angry, but after that he was furious. He was also a very stubborn man, so we sat there just throwing trash back and forth, in this trash war, until he angrily left the dumpster. We were just laughing the whole time, and walk away too.

  While we were walking away from one of our appointments the other day, this man, that I have never seen before, walks up to us with a gigantic machete, and says, in the creepiest voice "I want to talk to you guys" Basically accepting the fact the the guy was going to kill us, we let him talk. Turns out, he was just a really inactive member who really wanted us to visit and reinactivate his family. As we were following him to his house, through the richest part of our area, we were looking in amazement at all of the huge houses, just wondering which was his. We turn a corner and see this little tiny hut, made of wooden sticks and dirt, and of course it was their house. As we were teaching this family outside, trying to reinactivate them, and i kid you not, an army of little ducks comes running out of the house. I don't know if you've ever seen a little duck running at full speed, but it was super funny. These ducks just started going all over the place. I couldn't even teach because i was laughing too hard. Anyways, the happily ever after is that that family is coming to church again. So over all, it was a good week.

Capítulo 20 - Everyone wanted to see the two greengos beating the latinos in soccer

 This was a long week, like literally it was 8 days. For some reson, our mission president wanted us to have our zone conference yesterday, so our P-day got moved to tuesday.  And, along with being a long week, it was a rainy week too. These past few days have just been pouring rain. People just think that we're crazy when they see us walking, soaking wet in the rain. However, when we knock on someone's door, sometimes, only sometimes, they feel bad and let us in. We've actually found a lot of people that way. But while we were walking in the rain, some strange wasp thing that i've never seen before, bit my thumb. I couldn't even describe what it looked like, it was something like a wasp though. Anyways, it didn't feel good haha, then my thumb swole up for like three days. I still don't know what bit me, but I didn't die, and my thumb is back to normal, so all is well.

  Also, something that I thought would be good, is every saturday, for just about 30 minutes, play soccer with a bunch of kids. Every saturday night there's a large group of kids playing soccer in our area, so this saturday, there were 4 kids. So we played 3 against 3. My companion (from the united states), one of our converts of a few months ago, and I, played on one team, against three people from Honduras. I don't know what happened, nor how it happened, but we won 5-3. Then they wanted a rematch, and again, we won 5-3. There was a huge crowed just surrounding us during the whole game, because everyone wanted to see the two greengos beating the latinos in soccer. It was super funny, and as i was hoping, we gained the trust and confidence in all of those kids. Now they all want us to come over and talk to them, and we can teach their families about our church.

  This p-day, we went to a place called picachu. This is like a huge tourist sight, because they have a gigantic statue of Christ, a zoo, and a soccer court. We went there, played some soccer, took some photos and went to the zoo. It was pretty fun. Last time we went though, the sun was just killing us, and we all got super sun burnt, but this time it was cloudy, so all was well. so yeah, that's my 8 day week.

-Elder Case