Ready to go!

Capitulo 79 - 1994 Yamaha special edition 175 2-stroke

Well the changes passed by, and i'll be able to finish the training of Elder Lara. I was worried that I might be sent away this change, because I wouldn't have been able to finish the training of Elder Lara, but all is good in the hood. 

  This week, specifically on Thursday, I did divisions with Elder Bills (who is in my zone) he is also from my group, like, we came to Honduas together, we were in the MTC together and everything, Because we hit 18 months exactly on Thurday! I went over to his area, and his companion came over to mine, and that night we each burned a pair of pants. It was awesome!!

  This week we have also been working a lot with Yomari and her family. They're really closed people, but we finally got the sister of Yomari to go to church! it was awesome, and hopefully we'll see more progress in the family. Funny story, so Yomari was a reference that we got from a member, sort of haha. She showed up to church one day with her friend and dissapeared, nobody knew were she lived. that same weeks, we found Yomari riding around on borrowed dirt bike. The dirt bike is awesome! it's a 1994 Yamaha special edition 175 2-stroke. we started talking to her and that's when she told us where she lives. She got baptized a few weeks later. This week, we were talking to Yomari, and the owner of the dirt bike came by, and we started talking about dirt bikes, and out of nowhere he says "hey, when are you going to invite me to your church, I'd like to get to know how it is" That was awesome! so we'll be talking to him this week.

  In other news, they shut down both missions in Nicaragua, and sent a lot of the missionaries over here to our mission. We're not sure how long they'll be here for, we just know that we got a whole bunch more missionaries in the mission, and now I don't know the whole mission haha.

Capítulo 78 - VERY far away and on a mountain

 This week we have been walking A LOT, but hey, who doesn't love walking? Oh wait... I don't like walking... well at least I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I still do it haha. The good part is that all of our walking hasn't been in vain. We were able to get permission and help Yomari enroll in seminary and she is willing to do ALL the make up work for the entire year! I really don't see that as fair, because she was baptized 2 weeks ago, but the teacher said that she had to do all the make up work for the whole year. But hey, she accepted it and we're helping her understand everything, it's great!

 One time when we were walking to Yomari's house (she lives VERY far away and on a mountain) we were climbing the hill and we noticed that there was a group of girls trying to get our attention. One girl tried to pretend to fall and actually ended up smacking the ground face first and almost fell off of a cliff. She was fine, just a few cuts, and stood right up. The funniest part is that my companion just started dying of laughter and all of the friends of the girl too because we all knew that she was just trying to get our attention haha.

  Chnages are this week, and they called us on Saturday telling us the changes. The both of us are staying here, but the two Hermanas that are in the other half of the ward are both leaving, and Elder Strickland will be opening the area training a new missionary! Elder Strickland is awesome, and he's also from California, so it will be even better haha

Capítulo 77 - The good part is that God won

 Well the good part about this week is that I have pictures finally of the baptisms these last few weeks. the sad part is that I don't have pictures of the baptism that we had this Saturday with the Hermana Suyapa. The good part is that she got baptized, but it wasn't an unstressful baptism. We had a lot of problems, and because of those problems only the Hermana Suyapa got baptized and the Hermana Yojana didn't. It's a very long story, but basically, we were fighting against the entire neighboring mission, and we just had so many problems, it was insane. But the good part is that God won and we got to have the baptsim of Hermana Suyapa.

  This week, we've been making a lot of Panameña food in the house, and it's actually pretty easy to make, and turns out really well. Before the mission, I would have never made so many things with bananas, But everything turns out super good, and I'm considering starting a restaurant of Central American food. We'll see how that goes haha.

  Well... changes are coming up this next week. I'm pretty sure that I'll be staying with my companion in the same area, but we'll see next week.


Capítulo 76 - We decided that the 3 nephites were visiting her

 This week was really good! On friday right after the district meeting we had divisions with the AP's and all four of us were here in our area. It was really awesome because it gave us the chance to get a lot of work done while learning at the same time haha. 

  When we were there, we finally found a lady who lives in the middle of nowhere is our area. She's been going to church for over a year and I thought she was a member. But last week what we were talking to her in the mother's day activity, she told us the missionaries were visiting her 2 or 3 times a week and that she had a baptismal date for the 26th. We were really confused because we are the only missionaries in the area and we havent ever visited her. we called missionaries around our area, and they all said that they don't know her.  We decided that the 3 nephites were visiting her, and we finally found her in her house and we figured out that the missionaries for the OTHER MISSION have been visiting her. So yeah... long story short, we robbed baptisms from the other mission haha.

 This week we also had the baptism of Yomari! I don't know if I've talked about Yomari, but she is an awesome 16 year old girl, who really wanted to learn about the gospel. The baptism was awesome! but we had so many problems leading up to it. The baptism was supposed to start at 5, and so we got everything ready in the chapel for the baptism and we left at 4 o'clock to get Yomari. We got to her house at 4:20 and we were ready to go, until she told us that her mom hadn't gotten back from work. So we waited for her, thinking that she was close. She didn't get back till almost 5. We were ready to go, until we saw the mom just BLOW UP, like she went CRAZY MOM on her kids for about 20 minutes. She calmed down and we started talking to her. Then we finally got to the baptism to realize that the clothes that were brought were too big for her. Long story short, we started the baptism at about 6:30, and there weren't any problems after that haha.

Capítulo 75 - It was a really big cow and everyone was scared

 We finally have our ward mission leader, and this week we had our first correlation meeting with him too. Things are going to be a lot easier now that we actually have a ward mission leader. He is a convert of 6 years, and never had the chance to serve a mission, but he is very willing to learn and says that he'll listen and do what we need him to do. It'll be great. So after church we had our meeting with him and it went well. We explained his responsibilities as ward mission leader, and talked about how we can help the work in the ward. 

  The meeting was great, but then all the sudden someone comes into the room and tells us that a cow came into the church and nobody could get it out, so they asked us for help. All churches down here have a huge lot and a huge fence that goes all around the lot and the only exit is a little gate that is just big enough for a car, or in this case, a cow. Now I promise this was a female cow, but it did have some pretty big horns on it's head haha. The point is that it was a really big cow and everyone was scared. I just looked at them like "what are we waiting for? This is going to be fun!" I get near the cow and tried to get it to move. It didn't move. So I took off my belt and whipped it in the butt. It got kind of mad and may have almost hit me with it's horns, but I whipped it again and then it started listening haha. It started moving, and so I just snapped my belt to make loud noises and it went exactly where I wanted it to go. Everyone was cheering haha The cow left and everything was great.

  Later that same day we got to talk to our families!! We had a lot of technical problems, but after the bishop came to save the day, I got to talk to my family. It was great, but the only bad part is that my companion couldn't talk with his because they never answered him, and so we got permission for him to talk to his family today instead. 

Capítulo 74 - Justin and Katerin both got baptized!!

This week we had our zone conference which was really cool. Our mission is doing really well recently, I don't know what a normal mission is like, but with less missionaries than last year, we are having more success this year. We'll see how things keep going. President Chase was really happy. We also had our interviews with President Chase this week. He expressed a few problems that he saw in a few missionaries in one of the areas in the district and so he asked us to go over there and see what is really going on in that area.

  So we garroboed them, meaning that we went over there by surprise to see how things really are, lets just say that it was a needed visit, and we were able to help them a lot. We went with Elder Bills and Elder Mejia (the three of us came to this mission together) and right afterwards we did divisions. I went with Elder Bills, and we came back to my area. we were both shocked by how fast the time has already gone by, we already have 17 months!

  This week was a really good week, Justin and Katerin both got baptized!! it was a struggle with the both of them, but now they have very strong testimonies of the gospel and would never leave. Katerin has already been inviting friends to go to church with her! it's super awesome! I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures this week, next week for sure haha.

Capítulo 73 -My son is Elder Lara

Wow... I never thought that I'd have to translate from spanish to Spanish. My son is Elder Lara. He turned 18 in february and is from Panama. We had our first lesson the first day he got here and it was so funny to see the expressions of the people's faces when he talks. He knows a lot and doesn't need much training, but the people don't understand him when he talks, and when they just look at him all confused like "what did he even say??" I have to repeat it for them. also, he uses words that nobody knows out here. For example, when something is really cool, here they say "Macizo" but in Panama they say "priti" so yeah... basically nobody understands him, but he's great!

  So last week we had contacted a 50 year old man on the street and he told us we could pass by his house this last saturday, and so we did. Well, when we knock on his door, he pops his head out a little window to see who was there. He notices it us, and says "no I can't right know" we noticed immediately that he was more drunk than alcohol himself. We asked him why he couldn't right now. his already red shot eyes started pouring tears and says: "no... my girlfriend left me" I was just shocked by that, and I'm still not sure if I should believe it, but I just looked at him and said: "I know how you feel"  The weirdest part of it all is that right when I said that he disappeared from the window and in half of a second, he opened the door and with his arms wide open says "come here" we hugged for a good 10 seconds because he wouldn't let me go as I was drowning in the smell of alcohol haha. then he says, "come in, you are welcome in my home"  We taught a very very short lesson and we left. It doesn't sound as funny as it was, you just had to be there haha

  This week was interesting. We're changing the attitude of missionary work in the ward, and we're helping a lot of people. We still don't have a ward mission leader, but we did have some strange stake missionary correlation meeting (not sure if that's how it is in english) We didn't really do anything or get to any points or purposes, but I thought the effort was cool haha