Ready to go!

Capítulo 83 - Blonde hair and blues eyes

 Where do I start for this week.... 4TH OF JULY!!! This wednesday we passed the 4th of july, and we got to celebrate with a family here in the ward. They didn't really understand why we were celebrating on Wednesday, so I had to do a lot of explaining haha. But after they understood why, everything was great. We got there, and the family was already cooking all the food. It smelled so great! and when we started eating the family put on a bunch of patriotic music from the states. It was a great celebration, and there may or may not have been fireworks involved haha.

  This family put like 6 pounds of meat on my plate! They put like 3 pork chops, 2 pounds of carne asada, and another pound of two of chorizo. Then to make things even worse, they put and BUNCH of beans, and rice, and platano of the plate too. The plate was HUGE. I couldn't finish. I felt bad, but it was just wayyyy too  uch for me to eat at once hahaha. Right after that, we went to our ward mission leader's house for our correlation meeting, and he offered us food. I was already dying of how much I had eaten right before, and I just had to explain everything right there.

  This week we were able to visit a lot of families. One family we were with started telling us a story of one of their family members that recently had a baby. I kid you not when they say to me "they baby is just like you, blonde hair and blues eyes" ,I think I sat there in silence for like 5 minutes thinking about my whole life, actually wondering If I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Then I asked, I have blonde hair and blue eyes? They said yes, but then they started looking closer, and they were like "... oh, your eyes aren't blue" and I said, "and my hair??" and they are still convinced that I have blonde hair haha

Capítulo 82 - We had 99 baptisms

This week flew by! I'm honestly not even sure how this week flew by so fast, but wow, here I am, another monday writing home. This week marks a big change in the mission. Ever since I've started the mission, there's only been around 60-80 baptisms a month in the whole mission. Well, the past 2 months, we've been over 100 baptisms for the mission, and we were about to not make it last month. We had 99 baptisms.

  Well, we all thought that was it for the streak, and 3 months having over 100 would have been incredible and would have motivated people to work harder and help more people. Then all of the sudden a baptism that happened in the area of the University got moved forward a few days, changing it to the month of June. I went over to do the baptismal interview, and there were a lot of problems with the baptism. Not problems with the interview, but just a few problems with communication in the ward. The baptism almost got cancelled, but it happened by a miracle. Making it the 100th baptism last month.

  Long story short, President invited us to ice cream afterwards at McDonalds. Once we got there, we got told that we could buy food if we wanted to (which was a miracle because we didn't have dinner that day. While we were eating, a lady comes up to us and asks us if we would like a tour of the kitchen. We all looked at Hermana Chase, and she says, well, if they accept a book of mormon, we'll do it. And they did haha. It was so cool, and they even let me make a hamburger. So yeah, that was a fun day haha.

  It hasn't been raining a lot recently, so there aren't any crazy rain stories this week. However, Elder Farías, my companion that I had in Guapinol, got really sick last week and was sent home for surgery. That was really sad, he called me out of nowhere and told me that he was leaving.

Capítulo 81- Memories from home just started pouring in!

 Wow... next week is already the month of July. I don't even know how time is going by so fast, I could have sworn that last month was January. Time really does fly out here. 

  This week was really great. There's a family in my ward that asked me to cook something from California in their house for dinner one night. I had to think really hard, and then out of nowhere the greatest idea came to me. We made BREAKFAST BURRITOS with them!! It was the BEST thing ever! Oh my gosh, I just took that first bite of the breakfast burrito, and the memories from home just started pouring in. The family was laughing because I had the biggest smile on my face as we were eating. They all LOVED it too. It turned out really well. I may not be a chef, but I make some mean breakfast burritos haha.

  This Tuesday we had our zone conference and that was great! we heard of a lot of changes that are coming in the missionary work, like a new preach my gospel, the missionary library is gone, and district meeting don't exist anymore. We don't know all the details, but President will be giving us all of the information this week. We'll see how that goes.

  Sunday was also really great. We had a lot of investigators in church, and it was a great sunday, the talks wre great, and the classes were awesome. They all seemed to love church, and so we'll be talking to them this week to see how everything was, and what they actually thought about it.

Capitulo 80 - On Saturday we got hit by a hurricane or something

 It rained literally the entire week. I don't think I've ever seen so much rain in my life haha. The rain was pretty normal until Saturday. On Saturday we got hit by a hurricane or something like that (note to mom: I'm fine, I doubt it was a hurricane) the point is the we were teaching a lesson to a family of recent converts and the rain just started pouring and pouring down. Before we realized it, we looked outside and the dirt road turned into a river of rushing water. the family told us to wait for the rain to calm down. we waited for 30 minutes until we realized that we had a appointment right then. We decided to leave. The moment I step in the water got passed my ankles. We started walking across the street and it got up to our waists. It was awesome! At least that's what I thought in the moment.

  As we were walking, people were trying to get around, and they couldn't. People would try crossing the dirt roads like we did and they got sucked down the road because the water was really fast. We had to help a few people out of the water. We realized that the appointment we had wasn't home, and so we started moving towards our back up plan. The rain didn't stop, and we were soaking wet. The water got higher and higher and started going into houses, and people were going crazy taking things out of their houses before the water destroyed everything, so we started helping people. Some people's walls fell down and for a lot of unfortunate people, their houses were taken away. I'm pretty sure that just happened in our area, because I asked other people how they were and they said the rain wasn't bad for them.

  The next day we had Stake conference. Only one family from our area went to the stake conference because everyone else stayed back reparing their houses and helping other people. President Chase, the President Duarte(temple president), and Elder Perez of the 70 came to the Conference. It was a good conference, and most of the day after the conference, we spent helping people with their houses. We'll see how things go this week.

Capitulo 79 - 1994 Yamaha special edition 175 2-stroke

Well the changes passed by, and i'll be able to finish the training of Elder Lara. I was worried that I might be sent away this change, because I wouldn't have been able to finish the training of Elder Lara, but all is good in the hood. 

  This week, specifically on Thursday, I did divisions with Elder Bills (who is in my zone) he is also from my group, like, we came to Honduas together, we were in the MTC together and everything, Because we hit 18 months exactly on Thurday! I went over to his area, and his companion came over to mine, and that night we each burned a pair of pants. It was awesome!!

  This week we have also been working a lot with Yomari and her family. They're really closed people, but we finally got the sister of Yomari to go to church! it was awesome, and hopefully we'll see more progress in the family. Funny story, so Yomari was a reference that we got from a member, sort of haha. She showed up to church one day with her friend and dissapeared, nobody knew were she lived. that same weeks, we found Yomari riding around on borrowed dirt bike. The dirt bike is awesome! it's a 1994 Yamaha special edition 175 2-stroke. we started talking to her and that's when she told us where she lives. She got baptized a few weeks later. This week, we were talking to Yomari, and the owner of the dirt bike came by, and we started talking about dirt bikes, and out of nowhere he says "hey, when are you going to invite me to your church, I'd like to get to know how it is" That was awesome! so we'll be talking to him this week.

  In other news, they shut down both missions in Nicaragua, and sent a lot of the missionaries over here to our mission. We're not sure how long they'll be here for, we just know that we got a whole bunch more missionaries in the mission, and now I don't know the whole mission haha.

Capítulo 78 - VERY far away and on a mountain

 This week we have been walking A LOT, but hey, who doesn't love walking? Oh wait... I don't like walking... well at least I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I still do it haha. The good part is that all of our walking hasn't been in vain. We were able to get permission and help Yomari enroll in seminary and she is willing to do ALL the make up work for the entire year! I really don't see that as fair, because she was baptized 2 weeks ago, but the teacher said that she had to do all the make up work for the whole year. But hey, she accepted it and we're helping her understand everything, it's great!

 One time when we were walking to Yomari's house (she lives VERY far away and on a mountain) we were climbing the hill and we noticed that there was a group of girls trying to get our attention. One girl tried to pretend to fall and actually ended up smacking the ground face first and almost fell off of a cliff. She was fine, just a few cuts, and stood right up. The funniest part is that my companion just started dying of laughter and all of the friends of the girl too because we all knew that she was just trying to get our attention haha.

  Chnages are this week, and they called us on Saturday telling us the changes. The both of us are staying here, but the two Hermanas that are in the other half of the ward are both leaving, and Elder Strickland will be opening the area training a new missionary! Elder Strickland is awesome, and he's also from California, so it will be even better haha

Capítulo 77 - The good part is that God won

 Well the good part about this week is that I have pictures finally of the baptisms these last few weeks. the sad part is that I don't have pictures of the baptism that we had this Saturday with the Hermana Suyapa. The good part is that she got baptized, but it wasn't an unstressful baptism. We had a lot of problems, and because of those problems only the Hermana Suyapa got baptized and the Hermana Yojana didn't. It's a very long story, but basically, we were fighting against the entire neighboring mission, and we just had so many problems, it was insane. But the good part is that God won and we got to have the baptsim of Hermana Suyapa.

  This week, we've been making a lot of Panameña food in the house, and it's actually pretty easy to make, and turns out really well. Before the mission, I would have never made so many things with bananas, But everything turns out super good, and I'm considering starting a restaurant of Central American food. We'll see how that goes haha.

  Well... changes are coming up this next week. I'm pretty sure that I'll be staying with my companion in the same area, but we'll see next week.