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Capítulo 29 - Roads turn into rivers

This week has been a crazy week. Right after writing last week, we went to go buy a few things for the week in the store. I FOUND CHERRY COKE AND DR.PEPPER. Those don't exist down here, so going to an american import store definitely paid off.

  The following day, we had Zone Conference. So since we are all in the middle of nowhere down here, we have to travel hours to get to our zone conferences, and a lot of elders have to come to our house the night before, because our house is the closest to the bus stop. Anyways, after getting these elders, we started walking to our house in the rain. My entire area is dirt, and the roads turn into rivers, so we were walking around these rivers and sometimes had to jump over them. I go to jump over a river on, what looked to be, dry land. But, the moment I landed, I had landed in quick sand, or something like that and sunk down to my waist instantly, and was still sinking down. I scrambled to get out, and was just covered in mud. We all had a good laugh about that.

  During the week, my new companion ( Elder Martinez from Mexico, 22 years old and a graduated Chemical Engineer) got a package from his family. I was all thinking "super cool, i'll get to see some mexican candies" He opens the package and shouts for joy as he pulls out a million peppers. I just had to laugh at the unexpected difference.

  That's all for ths week, more to come next week.