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Capítulo 28 - My area is twice as big. more to love, right?

Well, this is going to take a lot of explaining, so bare with me haha. Alright, so a little over three weeks ago, I got moved into my new area. This place is super huge, and all of the dirt roads and stick houses look the same. My companion Elder Limones had 9 weeks in the area, and still didn't know it all when I got there.  In  2 weeks, we will be receiving our new mission president. Because of the change of president, they made one of the changes(transfers?) 3 weeks, before the new president comes, and one 9 weeks. so that they new president wouldn't have to worry about changing the missionaries around his first day in the mission.

  Alright, now that we've established this, Elder Limones received a call from president telling him that he needed to move him to being a zone leader in another area. So only having three weeks in this huge area, I'll be taking on a new companion. I spent the whole day going to the main city to get my companion, and heading back to the area. The following day, we head over to the district meeting, and we get told that some elders on the other side of the mission were being sent home (nobody knows why) and the sister elders (super funny story, I just don't have enough room to explain it all) that we were sharing the branch with, would be going to the area of the elders that just got sent home. So... now my area is twice as big. more to love, right?

  Now there's more. We were in the new area teaching a lesson to one of the old investigators of the sister elders, and I swear it was the strangest situation ever. She's this super old lady, with like two teeth, who lives with her daughter, or something like that. Anyways, we were teaching, and out of nowhere like 40 people show up right outside her house and start playing poker, or something to that extent. These guys were all yelling at the top of their lungs while playing. And when asked upon about the people outside, the investigator just says ''oh they're just friends'' It was strange, but anyways, the point is that my companion left the area phone in that house by accident, and when we went back, it wasn't there. We asked a member to call it for us, so we could see if it was in his backpack or something, and it was turned off. So yeah, someone has our phone, and we're phonless missionaries in a new area.

  However, a little distraught, I read in a church magazine that God gives us areas, as missionaries, and situations, because he trusts us, and know we'll grow from it. We'll see what happens. Oh esta, todo bien.